Welcome to the School Business Forum.

The SB Forum is an online forum for School Business Professionals. 

Membership is open to anyone who works in a school business environment in England and Wales. If you are already a member of a local or region SBM network that uses theEducationCollective online community platform then membership is completely free.

For anyone else membership is £60 per year.

We are happy to talk to any SBM membership organisation, local, regional or national, about providing free access to their members - all we would require is an easy way to validate members details when they sign up.

Why Join?

Why Join?

We use a tried and tested online community platform that is trusted by more local and regional SBM networks than any other.

Our wider community already consist of over 4000 SBM's and SBL's who, in some cases, have been collaborating, supporting and challenging each other online for well over a decade.

We also have dedicated forums for SEND, Primary, Secondary, Academies, Maintained, Faith Schools and other specialist settings like UTC's. When you sign up you will automatically be allocated the most appropriate forums to be a part of so you can be sure the conversation is relevant to you.

Our platform does not bombard you with emails every time there is new content - you control the flow of information to you by personalising when you receive alerts and what information you receive in a daily or weekly digest.

We will also be sharing information about upcoming events as well as the latest news from relevant agencies and social media on a daily basis.

All your personal information is kept safe and controlled by you, all we ask that you share is your name, job title and school / organisation name - although we do need your email address to send you alerts, this is never shared.

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